Holy Water

The Technician aka Theo Starr

Alternate - Independent

Rock - Progressive Rock

Guitarist - Singer/Songwriter

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Verse 1

I Will Never Tell You

How Good You Look

And As I Talk To You

Your Looks are Fading Fast

You’re Taking to Me to a Place

Where I Don’t want to Go

I Need to Walk in the Sun

Not Swim in a Pool of Hate



Make Me Touch the Ground

Land on Terra Firma

Then Wash Me Down

With Holy Water

Then Air My Fire

Excite My Desires

Then Quench Them Down

With Holy Water


Verse 2

Why Did I let Myself

Go Down So Low

Why Did I Let Myself

Let Myself Go

I can stop This at Anytime

And Turn It All Around

Time to Face the Facts

I’m the One who is in Control


Verse 3

Now I am in the Distance

Far Away from What is Going Down

But I am Close Enough

To See the Wheels Going Round (and Round)

The Air can be Thick at Times

My Hands are a set of Knives

And with My Own Two Hands

I will Crawl Into the Light


Holy Water can be found on the album "50 Times Around The Sun"


The composition was written after a conversation with a colleague.


I cannot remember the subject, meaning and the context of the conversation but I do remember the deflating feeling that ensued after the conversation.


In essence I needed to ground myself and cleanse myself spiritually and mentally and needed to visit the four elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire, with water being the cleansing element.


With that I also wanted to show the respect I have for water and why I like to be immersed in it.


Water is precious, protect it.



Copyright The Technician aka Theo Starr 2017