Hey Hey

The Technician aka Theo Starr

Alternate - Independent

Rock - Progressive Rock

Guitarist - Singer/Songwriter

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Hey Hey (Everytime I Get This Feeling)

Copyright Theo Starr 2011


Verse 1

Hey Hey Tell Me

When was the Last Time You Slept In

Did You Dream So Deep You

Read the Message That Was Sent

Did You Wake Up

Like It Was The Very First Time

Did You Feel So Good

You Want to Do It Again


Pre Chorus

My Favourite Colour is Blue

Why Does it Depict My Mood



Every Time I Get This Feeling

My Skin Peels And Starts Unveiling

My Soul Inside And Starts Revealing

The Flaws I have been Concealing



Verse 2

Hey Hey Do You Ever

Run Out Of Time

Do You Sometimes

Feel Like A Poet with No Ryhme

Do You Reach The Top

And See There is More To Climb

Can You Say Its All Right

And Everything is Fine


Pre Chorus

I Don’t Like The Colour Red

Its Not Me Enough Said


Verse 3

Hey Hey Whats It Like

Over On Your Side

Do Wild Horses Stop

And Take you for a Ride

Do They Take You

Across The Countryside

Searching For Rainbows

Across The Sky


Pre Chorus

I Like the Colour Green

It keeps me In Between


Hey Hey, can be found on Hello, to Wherever You are.


The song was written after a turbulent time, not an emotional time but a time where you are trying to make ends meet and you wander where the time goes and you wonder what you did before to get through and you ask yourself how you got through.


It all started and the song was written when somebody asked me, "When was the last time you slept in?"



Copyright The Technician aka Theo Starr 2017