Hello To Wherever You Are!



Verse 1


To You Wherever You Are

The Door to the World is Never Closed

Its Always Ajar

Look at Where you’re Standing

In The World Today

Are You a Consequence

Of Your Actions so far


Pre Chorus

You’re a Stowaway To heaven

Because You cannot afford a Stairway

(You’re a) Stowaway To heaven

All that Gold doesn’t Glitter anyway

(Close Your Eyes and you will see Paradise)



Keep On Telling Yourself

That You’re Lucky

So Lucky

Keep Reminding Yourself

That You’re Lucky

So Lucky

Keep On Telling Yourself

That You’re Lucky

So Lucky

When You Have Nothing to Lose

You are Lucky

So Lucky


Verse 2

Tell Me How Are You

Feeling Right Now

Can you reap rewards

From the seeds you sow

Are you an Open Book and

Everyone’s in the know

Can You hold your head high

Or Are You Lying Low

The Technician aka Theo Starr is a one man band, making music in his own studio and self publishing on the Internet.


If you are into those Artists who are Singer Songwriters, who does not give a rat’s arse about genre or style, along with the “pidgeon holes” and superlatives that comes with trying to stay true to a genre or style.


The Song “50 Times Around The Sun” is an example of that and a thought provoking composition on reflection and walking your path.


There is more commentary on the album from the industry.


“Theo; Very catchy melody on Mammallian Reflex.. You have great command of rhythm and production. Quirky. Thanks”

– Wayne Whamzoo


“Its All Good is a well crafted song.”

“Stormy Weather has got a nice swaying feel and warm summery vibe.”

– Alex – CMI Music Group (Mar 26 2013)


“Stormy Weather” is, as always with you, a very strong track indeed. This track could have been an early Pink Floyd track

– Stuart for One Night Stand Music (Aug 30 2015)



Hello!!!  To Wherever You Are


That’s the Opening Vocal Line on the track, titled, “So Lucky”.


And that is what the album has, a positive vibe intertwining through the Power Pop and Rock found on this album


Stormy Weather - A featured Track


So Lucky

The Technician aka Theo Starr

Rock - Progressive Rock

Guitarist - Singer/Songwriter

Copyright The Technician aka Theo Starr 2016