Feeling Far Out And Funky

The Technician aka Theo Starr

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Alternate - Independent

Rock - Progressive Rock

Guitarist - Singer/Songwriter

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Feeling Far Out And Funky




I am ready To Go

It’s Time to hit the Road

My Heads Ticking Away

About to Explode

Wound Up So Tight

Your Body’s a Ball

It’s Not Right

It’s time to get Loose

Avoid the Working Noose



Looking Left

Looking Right

I have a Good Time (Party) in my Sights

Feeling Far and Funky

I am ready to Party

Feeling Far and Funky

I’m a Good Time Junkie




There is tension in the Air

Leaving a Man with no hair

I am growing older

Before my Time I Swear

There is so much Tension

Its Beyond

My Comprehension

So I will hit the Road

Before I Implode



Why do People Insist

In Getting in My Way

What can they tell me

When They’ve had all day

So Get Of My Cloud

Do It Now

Before I get Loud

Keep Your Distance

Or be Trampled in an instance


Feeling Far and Funky, the first composition on the album having the same name, Feeling Far Out And Funky


 This is totally Funky Song.  It is for the good times and feeling good.


Far Out and Funky

Copyright The Technician aka Theo Starr 2017