The Technician aka Theo Starr

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“It’s Over is another well written composition of yours and I can feel the grunge influence that also shows in the production.”

Emil – Filter (Jun 14, 2015)


“I like the originality of Desire”

Kandi Robinson (Jul 25, 2015)


“Desire is definitely pro.”

Ian (Aug 01, 2015)


“Get Up has Good ideas and nice lyrically. And its a well crafted song.”

“Under Pressure is a good solid song and I like the lyrics and concept.”

“Desire has lot of good ideas and qualities in the track good choice of instrumentation and arrangement. I like the feel and really like the guitars and brass.”

Alex – CMI Music Group (Jun 20, 2015)


“I really like this song., Desire It’s very different and original.”

Tony Bucher (May 23, 2015)


“Better” is worthy, I have to say I loved the track, and very very good stuff. You clearly have a real talent for writing in particular.”

“Under Pressure is Another excellent track.”

““Its Over” is a really well structured song and has a lot of potential.”

“Impressed with the standard of Desire”

– Stuart for One Night Stand, Stuart for One Night Stand (May 21, 2015)


"Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil" is a sublime song. The title of the song speaks for itself.

Amadeus (June 10, 2016)


“Desire”  What does that conjure up in ones mind.


What do you Desire now, tomorrow, a year from now or eternally???


The album does contain the title composition “Desire” and you should read the commentary. The album also contains the grungy track “It’s Over” followed the rocking tracks “Better” and “Under Pressure”.

The Technician aka Theo Starr is a one man band, making music in his own studio and self publishing on the Internet.


If you are into those Artists who are Singer Songwriters, who do not give a rat’s arse about genre or style, along with the “pidgeon holes” and superlatives that comes with trying to stay true to a genre or style.


The Tracks of note on this album are, the driving "Desire", the grungy "Its Over" and "Better"



Alternate - Independent

Rock - Progressive Rock

Guitarist - Singer/Songwriter

Track Listing

Its Over


Get Up

Crash and Burn

Hear See and Speak No Evil



Under Pressure

Be With You

Come On Come On

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