The Technician aka Theo Starr

Alternate - Independent

Rock - Progressive Rock

Guitarist - Singer/Songwriter

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COPYRIGHT Theo Starr 2014



At the Crossroads

Do I go Ahead

At the Crossroads

Do I Hang A Left

At the Crossroads

Do I Hang A Right

At the Crossroads

Do I Turn And Run



If you are tempted

Then It’s All So Wrong

If you are Wrong

Then you are So Gone

And When You’re Gone

It’s So Long

You will be thanked

For Coming Alone



At the Crossroads

You Stand Alone

At the Crossroads

Forget What you Know

At the Crossroads

Don’t Expect A Hand

At the Crossroads

You Alone Can Make A Stand


Crossroads is a composition on Feeling Far Out And Funky


The Crossroads, an urban myth.


A place where you can make a deal with the devil.  Its your soul for whatever you desire.


They say that Robert Johnson went to the Crossroads and made a deal to become a famous Blues Player.


Well, I don't know, but I used the imagery



Copyright The Technician aka Theo Starr 2017