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The Technician aka Theo Starr -- Road Trip Rock - Alternate - Independent Rock - Progressive Rock Guitarist - Singer/Songwriter - Musician/Songwriter

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A Song To Drift By (Fade)




Verse 1
On the Highway of Life
The road to somewhere
You stop at a little cafe
For an iced water
Pick up your Guitar
And begin to play
Passers by throw their loose change
Into your guitar case

Verse 2
The music that you play
Will never go away
It’s a sweet addiction
Running through your veins
When your body hurts
It nulls the pain
And it keeps you going
Through another day

Verse 3
You’re a square peg
In a round hole
Never really knowing
Where you’re going to fit
So you pack up your guitar
And you don’t ask why
Start drifting to the sunset
Away from what you know

You Start to Wonder
Where it’s going to
The Wind is blowing
Showing you where to go
Spin that wheel of fortune
A change is coming soon
When you’re on the bottom
There’s only one way to go
And thats up

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