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The Technician aka Theo Starr -- Road Trip Rock - Alternate - Independent Rock - Progressive Rock Guitarist - Singer/Songwriter - Musician/Songwriter

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The album is currently being written, recorded and mixed ready for distribution.
Tracks will be available for download as they come available as a pre-release.

The Technician aka Theo Starr is a one man band, making music in his own studio and self publishing on the Internet.

If you are into those Artists who are Singer Songwriters, who do not give a rat’s arse about genre or style, along with the “pidgeon holes” and superlatives that comes with trying to stay true to a genre or style.

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Not On Spotify As Yet
Who Is Responsible? More Info
I Cant Wait (Chilled) More Info
Ultimately Between A Rock and A Hard Place More Info
Ultimately A Song To Drift By More Info
Everytime (Piano) More Info
Expectations (Guitar - Keyboard) More Info
Scars (Acoustic - Electric) More Info
You Can Order and Purchase the Album From the ReverbNation Store

"Thanks for I Cant Wait! It's greatly appreciated! We like the melody, lyric content, and production of your song and you certainly have a good pulse on how to craft a good one!"
A&R Staff Merf, Music Group (Jul 1, 2020)

“Thanks Theo for your message and looking in on my page recently. I am listening to ''A Song To Drift By''' and just heard '''Stolen Moment''...another good song and great style. Wishing you the best down there today and thanks for sharing your music on this great venue and we are the DJs. Best Wishes, Roy Cost, Arkansas USA”
- Roy Cost, Roy Cost (Aug 28, 2020)




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