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The Technician aka Theo Starr -- Road Trip Rock - Alternate - Independent Rock - Progressive Rock Guitarist - Singer/Songwriter - Musician/Songwriter

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Social Media

Everyone has got
Their Own Opinions
Too Much Chatter
Heading For Oblivion
Don’t Let the Truth
Get In The Way
Facts Lie Bleeding
It Happens Every Day

Its Oblivious
To The Obvious
The Sublime
To The Ridiculous
Its Not Funny
But So Hilarious
Look at them idiots
On Social Media

So you want to
Influence Me
It aint going to work
Wearing A Bikini
What can you tell me
That I already know
Heard It All Before
On the Run and On The Go

Posting On A Wall
For Engagement
What you’re looking for
Is Some Validation
Why Subscribe when
You haven’t what I need
Why should I follow
When You cannot lead

The Time Spent
Is Time Wasted
When You Look Back
To see What you have Cut and Pasted
You want to be heard
You compelled without a choice
To Type on your timeline
As that is your voice

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