The Technician aka Theo Starr ------ Alternate - Independent Rock - Progressive Rock Guitarist - Singer/Songwriter - Musician/Songwriter

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The album is currently being written, recorded and mixed ready for distribution.
Tracks will be available for download as they come available as a pre-release.


The Technician aka Theo Starr is a one man band, making music in his own studio and self publishing on the Internet.

If you are into those Artists who are Singer Songwriters, who do not give a rat’s arse about genre or style, along with the “pidgeon holes” and superlatives that comes with trying to stay true to a genre or style.



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Coming Down (Acoustic) More Info
Another Time Another Place (2016 6 x 12) More Info

Commentary on the album from the industry.


“Really diggin your music, great songs and lyrics and esp like " Another time another place...great music!!”
- Mark Hoevet (Apr 23, 2017)

“Timeless, classic sound! Big fan of "Another Time Another Place."
- Anagram Noise (Jul 10, 2017)

“Stop Here A While, Between A Rock and A Hard Place, Another Time Another Place, Oh Yeah and In Any Day Now, these r some real great songs!!!! Peace.”
- Mask Poet, Mask Poet (Oct 06, 2017)

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