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The Technician aka Theo Starr -- Road Trip Rock - Alternate - Independent Rock - Progressive Rock Guitarist - Singer/Songwriter - Musician/Songwriter

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Who the Hell is Theo Starr????

Theo Starr aka The Technician is a Singer/Songwriter from Sydney Australia, Playing a genre of Progressive Rock that is fused at times with Funk, a Hard Edge and with tinges of the acoustic.

But being a Producer/Songwriter, sometimes dabbles into the fringes of other Genres because he can and has his own studio. Noting that music is like food, you cannot have the same everyday.

Predominately, a Writer first, a Musician second, a Producer third and an Artist fourth. But that all changes for convenience and when it is convenient depending on circumstances.

At present self-publishing and self-producing and trying to expand from that platform by obtaining licensing deals for soundtracks and/or have other artists perform and record my material. 

Theo Starr aka The Technician also works on and collaborates on other projects, such as playing live and assisting other bands and artists with Recording and Producing.

You can stream and download music from a number places, and you are encouraged to so.

This Web Site… Just follow the links on the top of the pages..

Thanks for dropping by..

Theo Starr aka The Technician

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  Commentary from the industry.  

“Many influences going on here , It's the bomb ! Lou Reed meets Johnny Rotten and they have a love child that smacks of Echo and the Bunnymen... Hmm, I could find wonderful comparisons, but Man it's all so original and all your own !!!!”
- The Splitz, The Splitz (May 18, 2019)

“I see you David Byrne.....Rock Lobster!!”
- Darryl Anthony, Darryl Anthony (May 12, 2019)

“Loved your music ! Obviously very talented ! Thank you for sharing wishing you much success ! Much love always Lp x hugs x”
- L PERRY, L PERRY (May 08, 2019)

“Smooth, velvety harmonies and a chill vibe make for a pleasant listening experience. I could chill with this on in the background.”
- Reply Mint's Candy Shop, Reply Mint's Candy Shop (Feb 01, 2019)

“Brilliant rock - super lyrics too.”
- Ellen Wise, Ellen Wise (Oct 22, 2018)

“Hey there Theo, Cool sound, loving your songs. Kia-ora from Aotearoa, New Zealand.”
- Steve Ormsby-Wall, Steve Ormsby-Wall (Sep 12, 2018)

“I just listen to your Top 3 this morning because I Got time . Wow, ENJOYING You Can Check Out Any Time. Loving the fusion Love Rose 🌹 Ps. I found your Spotify page and I have followed you there too. Xx”
- Country Rose, Country Rose (Sep 09, 2018)

“Rock`N`Roll with Soul... Nice Guitar Work!! I Like!!”
- RaceRellish, RaceRellish (Aug 11, 2018)

“The best group i listened to in months! Thank you people!”
- Kalhi KD, Kalhi KD (Aug 04, 2018)

“Great instrumental section and vocals are fitting well in too. I love your guitar sound for sure!”
- RawStreetFish, RawStreetFish (Jul 27, 2018)

“Love your music so much! Reminds me of Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth! Keep up your good work! <3”
- Other Ear, Other Ear (Jul 21, 2018)

“Thanks for being a fan. You have a good sound, reminds me of Guided By Voices (from my hometown) crossed with Lou Reed.”
- Darryl Gibson, Darryl Gibson (Jul 15, 2018)

“Enjoying all the songs, great writing, awesome rhythms. "We Got Time" on repeat! Much continued success to you!”
- ANILORAC, ANILORAC (Jun 21, 2018)

“Having a Rocking Sunday with you. Great sounds here. Playing your front page and enjoying. Best wishes from U.K. and Rose”
- Ross Finn, Rose Finn (Jun 04, 2018)

“I enjoyed listening this morning... will come back for more! Wishing you all the best!”
- Patricia Bishop and Collaborators, Patricia Bishop and Collaborators (May 27, 2018)

“Remember us when you become famous”
- One-Twenty-Nine, One-Twenty-Nine (May 12, 2018)

“Nice music, very energizing, thank you. I like the way you have that higher guitar in there. I also like the click drum sounds! Very nice! It has kind of a feel of traditional mixed in with your rock style. I hear your voice, ok, so you have a nice time expressing yourself. Thanks. Doreen”
- Doreen Pinkerton, Doreen Pinkerton (Mar 02, 2018)

“You are a "Starr" indeed! What fantastically original and creative music! We wholeheartedly give a BIG thumbs up! Proving the point again that there are so many hidden gems on ReverbNation. The Technician is one of them!”
- Year of the Tiger/Flying Carpet Productions, Year of the Tiger/Flying Carpet Productions (Feb 23, 2018)

“showing support to you and your music. solid vocals, good sound, musicianship and vibes. rocking through these songs today: Don't Back Down through Why. enjoying my visit. good job”
- Extreme Dream, Extreme Dream (Jan 14, 2018)

“Stop Here A While, Between A Rock and A Hard Place, Another Time Another Place, Oh Yeah and In Any Day Now, these r some real great songs!!!! Peace.”
- Mask Poet, Mask Poet (Oct 06, 2017)

“Hey Theo, I find your music very interesting, it kidnaps me and keeps me listening. the vocals have a hint of Bob Dylan. Loving your tracks. Wishing you all the best. Love from England, Rose 🌹 x”
- Rose Finn, Rose Finn (Jun 11, 2017)


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